Review for Queer Icons and Their Cats

Review for Queer Icons and Their Cats

Queer Icons and Their Cats, Cats, Photography, LGBT, Non-fiction, Human, Cat, Fabulous, Alison Nastasi, PJ NastasiI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this book. I love cats (despite being allergic to them), I love LGBT books, I love photography books. So this seemed a match made in heaven and I was eager to start reading it.

In this one we meet various LGBT icons and their cats. Along with a photograph we also get some information on the icon, what they did in life, family, their cats, and other things. It was quite interesting to read especially since I don’t know a lot of the people mentioned. Some truly famous people I recognised, but others, not really. So I liked finding out about these people, discover all about them.

I loved that the cats aren’t just house cats. We also see leopards and other cats that one may not want as a pet. I loved the diversity and it made seeing each photograph even more fun. What kind of cat would be on there? A house cat? Which one? A not-so-house cat? Which one?

I loved that this book isn’t just about people who live now/are alive now. It also features LGBT icons who died. Like Freddie Mercury.

All in all a good book to read and very interesting. I love the photographs and learned about people.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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