Review for The Dinosaur Awards

Review for The Dinosaur Awards

The Dinosaur Awards, Barbara Taylor, Orange/Yellow, Dinosaurs, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, AwardsI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Each time I spy a new Dinosaur book I squee in delight and try to get it. Well, OK, these days I am a bit more hesitant than I was years ago. These days many dinosaur books have chickens. I am sorry, but I am just sad that all my awesome dinosaurs get turned into freaking chickens. I get that these days research points to them being related to birds, but give me just the research of when I was a kid. Reptiles. Big strong lizards. Go. Maybe a few feathery dudes, but most were just scales. But I just couldn’t resist the book despite not knowing if this would be a chicken-dino or more a reptile-dino book. It just sounded to hilarious and I was curious about the awards.

Sadly, this one was a lot about the feathers… mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙁 I still read on because I do love reading about dinosaurs.

I loved the portraits at the beginning, it reminded me of the Employer of the Month/Week walls I see in American tv-shows!

The names of the awards were so great and also made me giggle/laugh in delight! Unicorn award, The Never-ending Neck award, The Humongous Horn award, and many more! I loved how well they fitted with the dinosaur that won the award.

I also love the way the book was formatted. We have some group awards, but mostly individual awards done in a very fun way. With a portrait on one side and a full picture of our critter in action (or just wandering around munching leaves, 😛 ). Next to that we also get some extra bits here there, sometimes there is a hilarious comic which I really loved, other times just some information on some tidbits of the dinosaur. Despite just having 2 pages, and one page mostly illustration, you learn a lot of things about the specific dinosaur. Most I already knew as I have been reading books (and seeing documentaries) for years now about dinosaurs, but there is always some new information as there is still plenty to find out about dinosaurs (but please, no more feathers, argh). I also really liked the writing style in this book. Humorous, playful, and fun.

The illustrations were fantastically done, I really like the style and I am going to be checking to see what else the illustrator has done.

All in all, despite the freaking feathers, I still enjoyed reading the book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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