Review for The Grumpy Fairies

Review for The Grumpy Fairies

Grumpy Fairies, Bethan Stevens, Grumpy, Fairies, Fantasy, Picture Book, Children's Books, Leaves, AnimalsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was immediately intrigued by the title, grumpy fairies? Most books about fairies have the fairies be happy, shiny, giggly, glittery. I think I have read a couple with fairies having different emotions, but general consensus for books seem to have them happy. So I was eager to get to read (plus that art was just adorable).

In this book we meet the fairies. Who live in a beautiful tree village in beautiful soft yellow/brown colours. Most of the fairies are happy and helpful, but we meet a group of tiny fairies who is GRUMPY, who DON’T want to help, who just want to lie around and grump. I had a big laugh about this grumpy group, especially since they had to drag some of their group along. Haha. And I just LOVED their facial expressions. Yep, these fairies are deep into grumpy mood!

During their walk outside they meet all sorts of animals who are all sugary sweet and the fairies have none if it. Which was kind of rude, but I also could relate. Haha, I know that if I am in a grumpy mood you shouldn’t talk to me, especially not with sugar and sweetness. But I do would have liked to see the birds/animals understand a grumpy mood and I would have liked the grumpy fairies to listen, even if just a bit.

I do worry a bit about the message this one gives. I mean, kids are going to be grumpy, adults are going to be grumpy. Yes, it is not a nice thing if done daily, but sometimes people just need to grump out. To threaten grumpiness with being eaten is a bit too far for me. Everyone is allowed to have grumpy days without having the threat of being nommed on. Maybe me. But it feels like you HAVE to be happy and good and all that. Maybe I just see the message wrong, but it is how it came across to me. Plus, hello, I would also turn a bit grumpy if everyone around me was 24/7 happy and sparkly and helpful. Haha. I mean even the animals are all syrupy and sweet.

I did love the art though! The expressions, the colours, how despite the grump everything is soft and fluffy in colours.

So I am a bit conflicted. Great art, love that there are grumpy fairies, but I just don’t like the whole you are being eaten if you are not sweet and helpful message.

Star rating, 3 stars

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  1. Awwww this book looks cute! Sucks a bit to find out that the grumpy fairies aren’t allowed to be grumpy though ;A;

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