Review for Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman

Review for Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman

I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I always love books about survival, about stories from people who do that stuff for work or fun. I have have never heard about Survivorman, but I was more than curious to find out about the guy. Sure, survivalling isn’t really a big thing here in my country. I mean, if you get lost that would be magical. And if you get stuck at night? There is bound to be a house somewhere not too far. Haha. Believe me, I have walked in places and you would have no houses for a tiny bit, but then boom houses (or house).No dangerous animals in our country (well maybe the wolves they re-introduced). No mountains, just a couple of big hills. Plus, we cannot camp anywhere just like that, that is forbidden by law. So I was a bit laughing at the start when he listed all sorts of items you should have with you, way over the top for my boring little country. But I was more than eager to imagine all the adventures I could have. That is also why I often read and watch these kind of shows. Because I wouldn’t mind a big adventure that requires knowledge of survival.

This book doesn’t just list how to survive outside if you live in a country were that is necessary or gives tips and hints on adventures, but also tells about Survivorman and his show. About what he experienced (so many wild adventures from snowy Norway to snails in bushes and competitions), about what he learned (no sweating and stay calm/observe), what went wrong and what he should have done better. These adventures were written in an interesting way, though I also felt it was at times chaotic because there were constantly bits in between the stories and I think things would just have worked a bit better if it was story time first and then the rest after. I also love the added illustrations and photography to make the stories really come to life.

There are fun things to try at home. I would definitely like to try a few when I have the materials. For instance the rain gauge! That sounds fun! I had a bit of a laugh at the Try this at home featuring leaves, um, I would have to collect a whole street (or maybe more) worth of leaves if I want to bury myself (166 cm) in leaves up to my shoulder. Haha. The most leaves I get from my garden (front/back) comes up to my feet/ankles. I can already see me pass by neighbours, “hello, do you have some leaves to donate?” 😛 .

The book is split up in different parts. We start with preparing, go to observing, then go to reacting and lastly adapting. I liked that the book was split up in parts and had appropriate tips for that specific part. From how to observe to how to be prepared.

I learned quite some new tricks and tips that I will probably never use. Haha. But still fun to learn, now hoping I will remember them.

Oh, there was just one story that I skipped in this entire book and that was the grub one. NOPE NOPE NOPE. F nope.

All in all, I had a fun time reading this book! Definitely made me happy and reminded me that I need to check if Freek Vonk has a new book out.

Star rating, 4 stars

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