Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-4-2021 (Special Edition)

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 11-4-2021 (Special Edition)


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Welcome to a special edition of my Sunday’s TBR Updates!

On Monday I will be taking a breather and I will be off for 5 days. Away from the internet. Away from it all. I need it. My husband and I are planning on relaxing, sleeping, doing tons of walking and bicycling. So I won’t have a ton of time to read, but I do want to have a small stack ready for me when I feel like reading! I mean, I am a bookworm, who knows when I find a small time window to read!

So here are the books! 3 manga, 1 library book, 2 books of my own (which are new).

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And that is it for today’s Sunday’s TBR! Next week I will tell you what I read from this AND the stack from the previous Sunday’s TBR (as I did have a pretty good reading week). I hope everyone has a great week with tons of books, stay safe!

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