Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-4-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-4-2021

Afternoon all~~~

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! The week really flew by!

This week, well, I am not sure. It was a bit hit and miss. Hits: lockdown is slowly disappearing, things are opening up (still no libraries though, but hopefully soon). Vaccine date for my group of peeps is truly May and maybe also June as instead of letting your GP (huisarts???) do it we have to go to a GGD site which is located in the neighbouring city, doesn’t make me happy as that means travelling and with how I feel after a flu shot.. not my thing. But after having the date moved around each month, I am happy and I will take it. Plus, no Astra, we are getting Moderna or Pfizer. The weather is also looking up. I added some more plants to the garden. Misses: my mental health and my general health. I knew one week of vacation wouldn’t be enough, but I had hoped that at least I would be feeling happier/better for a bit longer. But no.
Reading-wise: Had tons of fun reading, minilibrary books, Netgalley, 2 other ARCs I got from authors, and of course my stack of books was touched. It was a good week!

What did I read from my TBR?  Hell Girl #1 (WOW, I am glad I am re-reading this, yes, depressing but also scary/awesome), Nodame Cantabile #4 (beach episode XD, exams, and more, I really enjoyed this one), Library Wars #11 (this was such an emotional read), Escape Game (dumb decisions, but a very good story with good characters), Krypto (this was awesome and supernatural graphic novel, I want more), De eik was hier (gorgeous writing, lovely story), Bridge of Souls (ohhhhhh, sooooo gooooooooodddd), Fate/Stay Night #4 (too much dialogue, but the battles were good, love seeing Caster/Assassin appear), JocheM (this gave me a new insight in Jochem Myjer, pretty photographs), De NEEhoorn (laughed my butt off).

I tried and dropped: Je hebt één nieuwe volger (it just wasn’t for me, sadly).

Here is a new stack! The picture books on top are also new, but I couldn’t put them on the bottom with the others as one of them would have their spine broken. And I don’t want that. Oh, and Crave is not on here, but I am making my way through that one. It is good, but I am not going too fast. I am pretty excited about this stack, though this week I also want to read the 3 library books still on my Kindle. While I could extend the loan, I just want to read them this time. So I got plenty to read!

Thanks all for reading! I hope everyone has a great Sunday/week and stay safe/healthy!

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