Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Evening all!

Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This week I am very eagerly waiting for The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent!

I was searching around for some summery books to read as summer is slowly getting there, and I discovered this book about a girl taking a summer job at a hotel in Scotland (love that it takes place in Scotland as I still want to visit that country one day). But it is more about that, it is about pretending (I cannot wait to see her “expertly” talk about wine, oh that is going to end up badly), see her fall for a guy who thinks she is someone different (lol how did that not get solved from the start, oh dear), and finding a place to belong (and I can relate to that). I also like the cover though I had to zoom in on it to see what the thing in the wine glass was (I though a cigar, haha).

Now it is waiting until next month!

The Summer Job, Scotland, Yellow, Wine, Lizzy Dent, Hotel, Summer, Friendship, Romance, HumourBeach Read meets Sweetbitter in this laugh-out-loud and ultimately heartwarming debut of a good friend’s very bad decision and the summer job that stands to ruin or make her life.
What if you could be someone else? Just for the summer…
Birdy has made a mistake. Everyone imagines running away from their life at some point. But Birdy has actually done it. And the life she’s run into is her best friend Heather’s. The only problem is, she hasn’t told Heather.
The summer job at the highland Scottish hotel that her world class wine-expert friend ditched turns out to be a lot more than Birdy bargained for. Can she survive a summer pretending to be her best friend? And can Birdy stop herself from falling for the first man she’s ever actually liked, but who thinks she’s someone else?
One good friend’s very bad decision is at the heart of this laugh-out-loud love story and unexpected tale of a woman finally finding herself in the strangest of places.

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