What I Hope To Read May 2021

What I Hope To Read May 2021

Hi all!

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Welcome to a shiny and glittery new What I Hope to Read post! May is almost there and I am excited to show the books that come out then that I would love to read!

I am quite excited about May, it always means warmer weather and I could definitely use some more Vitamin Sun. XD I also cannot wait to see my garden bloom, it started to do that in March/April, but not everything is there yet, so I hope to see my garden go full green/colourful soon.

This month, well I got a ton of books. Thirteen to be exact! This is A LOT. Normally my posts feature up to 8 books, maybe 10, so this is a wonderful number. I found several fun children’s books in Dutch that I would love to read, including 2 sequels (Ninja Kid and Monster Zoo). But I also got plenty of English YA and Children’s books that I am dying to get my hands on (Rainbow Grey and Crater Lake, HYPE). Now it is just hoping that Amazon works again. I mean, I still have books from MARCH that haven’t arrived yet as they are out of stock all the time. And some books just don’t appear on Amazon. sighs So wish me all the luck that my older book orders come in and that my new orders will come in on time (aka May).

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