Blog Tour ~ It Goes Like This by Miel Moreland ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ It Goes Like This by Miel Moreland ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Morning, morning!

It Goes Like This, Purple, Girls, Benches, Stars, Purple, Young Adult, Band, Friendship, Miel Moreland

A happy welcome to the Tour for It Goes Like This by Miel Moreland! A book with an absolutely gorgeous cover and a very interesting blurb! I am delighted to be part of the tour and promote this book~

For today’s Tour stop I got an excerpt from the book (and I love it), a giveaway (open INT), and of course book/author information!

Let’s get touring~

It Goes Like This, Purple, Girls, Benches, Stars, Purple, Young Adult, Band, Friendship, Miel Moreland, LGBTIn Miel Moreland’s heartfelt young adult debut, It Goes Like This, four queer teens realize that sometimes you have to risk hitting repeat on heartbreak.
Eva, Celeste, Gina, and Steph used to think their friendship was unbreakable. After all, they’ve been though a lot together, including the astronomical rise of Moonlight Overthrow, the world-famous queer pop band they formed in middle school, never expecting to headline anything bigger than the county fair.
But after a sudden falling out leads to the dissolution of the teens’ band, their friendship, and Eva and Celeste’s starry-eyed romance, nothing is the same. Gina and Celeste step further into the spotlight, Steph disappears completely, and Eva, heartbroken, takes refuge as a songwriter and secret online fangirl…of her own band. That is, until a storm devastates their hometown, bringing the four ex-best-friends back together. As they prepare for one last show, they’ll discover whether growing up always means growing apart.

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About the author:

Miel Moreland, Author, Back of head, Book,PhotographMiel Moreland was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With time spent in California and France, she has a Midwestern heart but wandering feet. When not making pop music references and celebrating fandom, she is likely to be found drinking hot chocolate and making spreadsheets. She currently resides in Boston, where she works in higher education. It Goes Like This is her debut novel.

Find her here:       


JUNE 2021
Cosmic Queers, gather round! If you missed every article this morning, here’s what we know:
Celeste and Gina went to the same club last night (birthday party for celebrity I am not even naming because I don’t want to deal with the irrelevant anons)
Gina was SMOKING HOT as per usual
Celeste also very, very nice, no complaints from my gay heart here
They look friendly in pics, so :: cue potential reunion headlines::
Look, babes. Obviously I’m not their managers or PR folks,
and obviously if Moonlight Overthrow was going to get back together, this would be a nice little golden seeding opportunity. But. It’s been a year and a half. Gina and Celeste both have ongoing contracts and upcoming projects. So, a reunion? Nawt. Happening.
#moonlight overthrow #business as usual #reunion rumors #celeste rogers #gina wright #look I’m sorry I’m trying to be profesh but Gina’s entire makeup game was on FIRE last night
I’d give my first child for a Moonlight Overthrow reunion tour (lbr) and I sooooo appreciate the opportunity to see 2/4 (!!!) looking fierce and friendly, but yeah if there’s any PR angle here it’s gotta be because they’re looking to get some headlines for their current stuff.
OT4 might be over, but we’ve still got some of our iconic queer girls giving us quality queer content you know?
Celeste is doing her thing. Gina is doing her thing. Eva. Her thing.
Steph . . .
#MO updates #CR #GW

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