Library Haul 22-5-2021

Library Haul 22-5-2021

Afternoon all!

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A big welcome to a BIG library haul! I finally could visit Library #2 again!

I was very hyped (but also stressed as my body is just not used to going places anymore) to visit Library #2. They had to rearrange the library due to budget cuts so I was quite eager to see how it would look and if I could find the books again. Haha. I have to say I am happy that they kept so much of their collection, though some of their choices just didn’t make sense to me. Now they have 3 layers instead of 4, but at times I was wondering why x collection was here. For instance YA is now on a lower floor while it used to be with the children’s books/near to study places. Information for adults is now found on all three layers in every way. So I had to search for a bit as I just kept getting lost on where things were. Haha.

But it was a delight to be back. And apparently time still flies in libraries as I was there for 1.5 hours… while it felt like I was there for 30 minutes.

I had 38 reservations waiting for me. Sorry to those who had to be with my surnames letter. It took me a while to grab the books, and since I get stressed out due to having to hurry I had to keep recounting the books. 😅

In the end I had a full shopping trolley and a full bag with books, and I just cannot wait to start reading these books. There are a few in there that I am very hyped about, like You Should See Me in A Crown, Het Heksenboek, How About Mom, the second book of Sam en de schaduwridders. Eep!

Stats: 50 books. 2 comic/GN, 7 picture books, 17 non-fiction, 24 fiction.

NOTE: I am just too pooped/tired/done to add 50 book links. Maybe I will add them later this week… but probably not.

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