Review for Are You Smarter Than a Shark?

Review for Are You Smarter Than a Shark?

Are You Smarter Than a Shark?, David George Gordon, Sharks, Newspaper, Fish, Humour, Children's Books, Non-fiction, IllustrationsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE sharks. They are awesome, wonderful animals, and so I was hyped about this book. The cover definitely also pulled me in and the title made me laugh. So this had to be good, and now I am done reading it, I can say that this was tons of fun.

In this book we learn all about sharks. What they are, what they eat (everything not just good stuff but also trash, poor sharks), but also how they looked back in dinosaur time (which I already knew, but reading about it again had me going oh boy, because you definitely wouldn’t have want to meet up with one), what makes them smart, about signals. And tons and tons more. This small book is packed!

I was delighted when we finally got some tests and fun activities to do, I was already wondering when those would come in play as I had expected them given the title. I was a bit curious about one thing, how is sausage a smelly ingredient on a pizza? I have had sausage or other meat before and unless heavily spiced they weren’t that smelly. And the bathtub test is nice, but would have been better if they also had given an alternative, baths aren’t that common in homes here. I mean, I could think of alternatives, but it would be fun if the book had taken that in consideration.

I also love the jokes/puns that were found at times, they made me laugh and I definitely wish there were more, or a dedicated section in the end.

I just love how the book was illustrated/made. The illustrations were top notch, I really love the style and how well it fits with the sharks. Plus, I love that the illustrator can both make the sharks look SCARY but also funny or a bit silly.

All in all, if you love sharks, this guide filled with tons of fun information packed in a wonderful illustrated package will delight you.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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