Review for Bridge of Souls

Review for Bridge of Souls

Bridge of Souls, Cassidy Blake, City of Ghosts, Book 3, Red, Graves, Souls, Moon, Ghosts, Fantasy, Young Adult, Mystery“Friends don’t let friends get snatched away by creepy skeletons.” Cassidy Blake is back again! This time in New Orleans~

I have been wanting to do a review for a week now (read it April 21st) but I am just not getting the words out. Since I do want to write something, I thought I would do a good/not so good review (though it will mostly be good, haha).

😍 New Orleans! I really would love to go there one day… but given how America is and how hard it is to get there, I guess it will just be a dream. The city sounds amazing and I would like to try out various foods (like gumbo). I want to visit the graveyards and see all the spooky sites.
😍 I just love Cassidy’s parents and their show. They are really dedicated and I love seeing them tell all about the history. This is definitely a show I would love to see on TV. I also really like that the mom believes in something while her dad is just a historian and doesn’t seem to believe.
😍 The Veil. We already know the Veil from the previous books of course, but I will always love it. The idea that there is something so close, something filled with memories, the past, and ghosts. But in this one it levelled up and we find out that various Veils can be in one Veil.
😍 The spooky places that Cassidy’s parents visit.
😍 The cover! I am SO happy when series keep the same covers.
😍 Death emissary/servant. Oh boy, that definitely made things way creepier. I already wasn’t a fan of that creepy thing back in Paris, but he is back in here and back in full force. I really liked that he popped up, yes, he was scary and yes he meant trouble, BUT he made the story even more exciting. It meant Cassidy had to really stay on her toes and keep an eye out for things even more. She had to find a way to deal with this emissary.
😍 Secret societies? Yas please! We already know about this secret society but they get a much bigger role in this one and I loved it. That part with them racing to the bridge in a hearse was just hilarious.
😍 The fact that Cassidy had to make some big decisions this time. Not that she is really able to make them. Haha. Then again, if I had to pick between my two best friends… I would also have a hard time and also try to save or help them both.
😍 The food! I just love it when there is food in books, especially when it is special local food. Well, OK, I know beignets, but I mean the gumbo and grits and other food specific for the South/New Orleans.
😍 The ending was pretty good. I am curious as to what will happen next.
😍 I had such a laugh at Laura and how she made up some fun excuses to stay near Cassidy. If only everyone worked with her on her plans, so that had me laughing as she was trying to get all her stories straight.

Not so good/neutral:

😶 I will still stick to my ages, I mean Cassidy never feels 12. For instance her parents also just let her wander around a strange city, and I am sorry, but that doesn’t sound like something you would do with a 12-year old. But there are also other parts that had me wondering how in heavens she was 12. I can vaguely remember being 12, but I can remember that I definitely didn’t act like this and neither did my friends. Haha. So I always saw her around 15-16.
😶 How Cassidy at times just did dumb things. Instead of staying close to her parents, or stay close to people, she at times just wandered off and had to be saved again. rolls eyes
😶 The mind-reading of Jacob to which he has to reply in real as Cassidy cannot read minds. That was just a bit confusing at times as I kept forgetting he could read her mind and she couldn’t read his. Plus, it just looked weird to see her think something and him reply to that.

All in all, I had tons of fun reading this one and just like the other books I just flew right through it! I hope we get more Cassidy Blake!

Star rating, 5 stars

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