Review for Eve’s Ducklings

Review for Eve’s Ducklings

Eve's Ducklings, Maria Monte, Emelie Wiklund, Ducks, Girl, Humour, Children's Book, Picture Book, Grandparents, CuteI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

When I got the request from the author I knew I had to read the book, even before I had read the blurb. Haha, sorry that cover is just too adorable. Look at those ducklings!

In this one we meet a little girl named Eve and her grandfather. They are taking daily walks and suddenly come across a lake with ducklings. I was scratching my head that Eve (who looks around 4/5) didn’t know what ducks/ducklings were. I am guessing that ducks are a rare occurrence in her country? I see palm trees after all. Haha, I know that ducks are a normal feature of the landscape here in my country, so even before I was 4 I knew very clearly wat ducks were and I believe I was always eager to say hi to them.

Back to the story, Eve is very enthusiastic about the ducks and wants to hug and hold them… you may guess how that ends. I have to say… I laughed so hard. Sorry, Eve, but your grandpa warned you + it looked just so funny. I am glad that she decided to respect the ducklings and just wait. Patiently. Which I am guessing isn’t an easy task for Eve given how eager she was for the ducklings (then again, I don’t blame her, come on look how CUTE they are).

The ending had me smiling, though I have never heard of anyone feeding sunflowers to ducks? I hope that is good for them?

The art is really fun and I love how cute the style is.

I had fun reading this book, it was cute and funny, and I would recommend it~

Star rating, 4 stars

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