Review for Jade the Gem Dragon

Review for Jade the Gem Dragon

Jade the Gem Dragon, Magical Rescue Vets, Melody Lockhart, Morgan Huff, Children's Books, Magic, Fantasy, Vets, Friendship, Summer, Family, Sister, Brothers, Gnomes, Dragons, Cute, Purple, Girl, Dragon, Green DragonI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I have two of these books, but decided on starting this one first as it sounded the cutest. I didn’t think it would matter which I started (GR/Netgalley didn’t list it in order), but apparently I should have started with Oona. There were some moments that had me confused, moments that pointed to the other book. But after a while I got used to the world and got into it. Yep, despite that I was confused, I just kept on reading, didn’t really feel like suddenly switching to another book.

In this one we meet Kat and Rosie, two very good friends who are having a ton of fun together, especially now that they can go to a secret fantasy world to help out creatures there. In this one we get to see dragons and gems. I really love dragons and boy oh boy these dragons were just the cutest. The art just made me want to step into the story and cuddle with one. But it isn’t just fun and playing with magical creatures. The dragons need the help of the girls and the vets and it is up to them to find a solution when something bad is happening! I was a bit angry with the gnomes, I could understand that they need gems, but if you see that drilling makes things worse, why not try something else? Why not at least look for a solution. Yes, it may mean less income for a while, but making sure everything is safe and good is also very important.

I love seeing Kat and Rosie figure out things, try to make a solution that worked for everyone. And their solution was just brilliant! I had a bit of giggle as well, given things. Then again, I would also do a lot of things for some yummy chocolate cake. Teehe.

I am not sure how I felt about the second plot of the book. The one with Kat and her family. There is a new baby and her parents just have no time for something else. For most I just wasn’t interested in the plot, and other times I was frustrated. I get that your baby is crying a lot, I get that you are busy, but you have other kids as well, and one who definitely needs some more attention. Namely Kat. She just wants to do something fun with her parents, either one of them, and she gets forgotten or ignored or plans are cancelled. I could well understand her frustration and her anger. I would just have liked it to see the parents act like the adults and step up instead of having Kat take the decision to do something.

But in overall, I really enjoyed this book and I am going to be reading Oona the Unicorn soon (by the time this review is up I will have read it, haha). I would recommend this book. There is plenty of magic, fun friendship, and more. There is cute and sweet art. I cannot wait to see more of this world.

Star rating, 4 stars

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