Review for Lighthouses

Review for Lighthouses

Lighthouses, Non-fiction, Photographs, Travelling, Water, Sky, Lighthouse, David RossI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love lighthouses and this book look gorgeous! Of course I had to get it from Netgalley!

In this book we travel around the world to see some gorgeous, interesting, weird, and oh yes I want a horse lighthouse, lighthouses. I loved seeing all the sorts of lighthouses there are and to see if they are still used or not. Which in one case had me in stitches, they added a mannequin in the top part to deter people from vandalising the building. I loved seeing that not every lighthouse is the same shape or looks the same. Some are weirdly build, others look more like the one I know, others are just some kind of art installation. It was a great journey and I am glad I could make it.

However… I have some things I wasn’t such a fan off. The photographs for instance were pretty blurry and grainy, at times just not pretty. I get that this is not a finished product, but for a photography book it is important that for reviewers the book is also in good quality.

Next up were the descriptions of lighthouses. I would have rather had some more historical and fun or funny facts with each lighthouse. Because I did get tired of seeing the same couple of facts get rehashed for each one. How often it blinked, what colour, what way it blinked. And some other stuff, it got real boring to read them and I found myself skipping a few of them.

I still had fun reading and seeing the photographs, but I think my enjoyment would have been higher with better photographs and better descriptions.

Star rating, 3 stars

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