Review for Measuring Up

Review for Measuring Up

Measuring Up, Lily LaMotte, Ann Xu, Orange/Yellow, Girl, Cooking, Measuring, Graphic Novel, Family, Children's Books ,Cooking, FriendshipA fun graphic novel about a girl moving to America and her love for cooking.

Cici was such a fun and delightful character and I loved what she did for her father and her grandmother. Joining a cooking competition in the hopes to win enough money for a plane ticket is just the sweetest!

I loved seeing Cici cook and I loved the cooking competition and all that was made during the show. She never gave up, kept practising, kept working hard, kept finding recipes to try out and studying hard to get them perfectly right. The cooking show was really extensive, we see the kids bake/cook, we see what everyone made, and we see them present it to the judges and get the judges to tell what they thought. At times it was a bit too long for me and I would have just liked to see their thoughts on Cici (and in the beginning Miranda). But I guess this did make it feel more a cooking show like you see on TV.

Next to that we see her adjust to school, correct people who call her Chinese or her food Thai. We see her try to make lunch that doesn’t smell to her classmates (which I just found sad to be honest as I would have rather seen her just do her own thing). We see her become friends and learn new things, but also find out that they have a lot in common.

Miranda (her partner in the first rounds of the competition) was an interesting girl. On the one hand I really liked her and loved how she was a magician with knives and cooking, loved how she had something else that she wanted to do and was finding the courage to tell her dad. But on the other hand she was really bossy.

I loved the video calls with grandma, while it also made me sad, because hello, they can only see each other this way, but I am also happy that they got this at least. In another time they would have had to write letters or call via phone and just hear each other.

The ending was super sweet and just had me smiling in happiness. The cooking competition, well it was no surprise who won, that is all I will say.

The only issue was the parents and how hard they pushed her to study and to get even better grades. I understand why, but come on, be a bit less harsh.

The art was great, I really like the style.

All in all, I had fun reading this one! Would recommend it if you love cooking and kids finding a place to belong.

Star rating, 4 stars

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