Review for Mickey and the Trouble with Moles

Review for Mickey and the Trouble with Moles

Mickey and the Trouble with Moles, Mickey and the Animal Spies, Blue, Moles, Bank, Safe, Girl, Flashlight, Spies, Spying, Children's Book, Humour, Villain, Mystery, Fun, Anne Miller, Becka MoorMickey and COBRA are back in this exciting and mole-tastic adventure!

I was absolutely hyping and flailing when I spotted this book! A second book! YAS! More adventures and mysteries for Mickey and her animal friends and fellow spies! I am in!

In this adventure Mickey has to find out why the moles are acting up! They are digging holes everywhere (even in the most inconvenient places, haha) and are searching for something. Which even causes them to make a whole mess (or should I say mole party) out of the bank! I loved that the moles play such a big role in this book as I love moles and there are just not enough fun stories featuring them!

There is just so much happening in this one and I love seeing all the animals of COBRA again, well, almost all, as one of them gets kidnapped early in the story. That is all I will say. Haha. I loved that the animals are so sweet towards Mickey and that they truly all accept her as one of them. One of the agents. And it was definitely needed to have her as she can do things they cannot easily do. Like check things at a computer or at a library. I loved seeing all the things the various animals could do and what their skills were.

There is also a bit of discussion as the down below animals feel a bit left aside, and I was curious to see how this discussion would continue in the story and if COBRA would find a solution for it to make everyone happy again.

The villain, well, not a surprise, but I had kind of hoped we would also see another villain. Don’t get me wrong, this person makes a perfect villain (checks all the boxes), but I want something new!

There are plenty of fun codes that I had fun solving and trying my hand at! I am glad at least that most didn’t require to check back on codes in other parts of the book. Haha, I am just not the kind of girl who likes going back/forth in books to solve puzzles. So this one was fun! Many spiral codes and other codes to solve. Especially when they were trying to get into that impossible fault there were so many fun ones that I wished I could transport myself in the story and just help out!

The illustrations by Becka Moor are fabulous again and make the story even more fun! I love how the moles all look different and that there are a few with special personalities.

All in all, please, given the ending, give me more! I want to know what is going to happen next now that we have that letter! I would highly recommend this book to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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