Review for Monster Doctor #3: Slime Crime

Review for Monster Doctor #3: Slime Crime

The Monster Doctor: Slime Crime, Children's BOok, John Kelly, Yellow, Blue, Doctor, Monsters, Fantasy, HumourThe Monster Doctor is back! Along with a new medicine that may not be so fixitall as it promotes to be!

It took almost 3 months, but finally my copy of the book is here! I pre-ordered it early March and thought it would arrive soon. Sadly, Amazon has quite some issues with new books and it took almost 3 months.

In this book we have many more fun things happening. From new monsters appearing (I love that there was a dinosaur/t-rex like monster) to Delores being weirdly happy and sing-songy. It all seems to be a normal day, just a big pimple here and some broken zombie puzzles there, but then there is a new medicine. I had a big laugh that the doctor didn’t seem to care about side-effects while Ozzy (our MC) was trying to warn her and tell her NOT to go for it). The side-effects occur of course, and they were hilarious. I mean, vampires eating only salads? Suddenly only being able to talk Japanese? Being tartan coloured instead of dark and slimy? I had such a big laugh, though of course I also felt a bit sorry for the monsters. Yes, just a bit, as this is a bit of their own fault of course.

There are tons of exciting moments, tons of slime, and more as our Monster Doctor and Ozzy try to save the monsters and get things fixed. This isn’t going to be easy! I have to say I was surprised by the later parts, I thought for sure we would go for x but we went to c instead! It was a great one and had me smiling a lot.

I love the little pages here and there with monster information. From the DNA in their body to how to handle certain situations. I would definitely LOVE a whole book filled with these. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

Oh, and Lance was just adorable. Loved that there is a whole Ambulance language, that Lance is quite particular about his parking spot, and that he has some extra special skills!

Once again, fab illustrations!

I laughed, I giggled, I ewwed (that pimple), I ohhhed. And I cannot wait for the next book. Hopefully Amazon has it faster this time. crossing fingers

Star rating, 5 stars

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