Review for Norman Space Bat

Review for Norman Space Bat

Norman Space Bat, Jake Evanoff, Mark Nino Balita, Purple, Rocket, Space, Superpowers, Humour, Children's Books, Friendship, Villains,I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, this was just so much fun to read! When I read the blurb/information it sounded fun, but the actual book is even more fun! With lots of illustrations, space adventures, and sweet bat named Norman.

Meet Norman, a normal (well ish given he is going to school and all that, not really normal bat behaviour) bat who during a game of sonar tag (which I just loved) gets captured. Things go out of hand and he finds himself in a space ship (oh Norman, how did you even do that, haha). The story got better with each page and I was totally rooting for Norman to defeat the evil VIPD (and find out what it stands for) and figure out his superpowers (because yes, he has those now and he better get used to them, haha, don’t want to explode something that is good after all). We see him training with his new friends (I so love his new friends, especially Plop and Rodney), planning and then finally get ready to kick some VIPD butt! Oh yes! The battle was exciting and wow, Go GO Norman!

The ending was great and while I am also a tad sad for Norman, I understand his decision. PLUS, this means more adventures? Aww, please?

The illustrations are fantastic, I really love them. The style is fun and playful and I love Norman’s facial expressions (I especially had a big giggle at the reaction of him when he pressed several buttons).

All in all, this was a spacetastic adventure with a superhero bat, sonar super powers, and more! I would definitely recommend this one.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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