Review for Oona the Unicorn

Review for Oona the Unicorn

Oona the Unicorn, Magical Rescue Vets, Unicorns, Dragons, Cute, Children's Books, Friendship, Moving, Green, Plants, Girl, Melody Lockhart, Morgan HuffI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

After the delight that was Jade the Gem Dragon I was even more eager to start this one, especially since I found out that this one is the first book in the series. Yep. Haha. So I was eager to get a lot of answers to the questions that I had after reading the first book.

In this one Rosie takes the spotlight and we learn that she has just moved to this small town. We see her quickly discover something magical in the garden and I just LOVED her enthusiasm about everything. While I wouldn’t have run to my parents to tell them as I know that adults just don’t believe kids. Then again, if I had a kid I would definitely believe. Thank you to books. Bring me magical worlds! We see how she is adjusting to her new house, her new town, and makes a new friend, Kat.

I loved it when the magical adventures started and when Rosie discovered all sorts of fun things and then took Kat along! We meet unicorns, dandylions, fluffy bears, cute bunnies, and also some mischievous animals. I had so much fun seeing the girls help out the vets and also go along a trip to find Oona the unicorn and help her out. There is just so much happening and I flew through the book. I just couldn’t stop!

Funnily, I had expected Kat and Rosie to be friends for WAY longer. Given how their relationship/friendship is in the book with Kat in the spotlight. But apparently they are just friends. That is so amazing and it made me smile. In this book they struggle a bit, aren’t sure what to think of each other, argue a bit, but I was happy knowing that they would make up and become the bestest of friends. I just wanted to hop in the book and tell them that they would be friends!

And yes, I got so many answers from this book. How the girls discovered the forest and the magic that lies hidden. What kind of creatures live in the forest (we do get some in the next book, but we get A TON more in this one). How the girls got to be helpers. And many others. It was a delight. I just wish that I had known this was the first book. I have fixed it on GR now, so no one else has to be confused.

Once again the illustrations were the cutest. I just wanted to reach out of the book and pet some of those cuties that the girls discover on their trip to the forest.

I do hope that there are more books in the Magical Rescue Vets series because I would like to see more creatures and more of this world. We only see a bit of it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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