Review for Ossan Idol?! Even at 36, It’s Never Too Late!, Vol. 3

Review for Ossan Idol?! Even at 36, It’s Never Too Late!, Vol. 3

Ossan Idol!, Mochiko Mochida, Manga, Idols, Guys, Red, Sexy, Music, Famous,Volume 3I received this manga from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I am always hyped to see a new volume of this manga series appear. It is just so much fun! I love idols and this one is even more special because it has older idols!

In this one an anime is made, songs are sung, debuts are done, old and new characters appear, celebrations, and more!

We meet several new characters. Like Momoka, who I am not sure if I like or not. How she acts around people, how she talks, it was just soooo fake and annoying. I don’t like it when people act all cutesy and sweet and then act bitchy the next time. I am glad someone talked to her about things, but seriously, I wonder if this girl will act normal the next time. 😐

Then we meet a highschool friend of Miroku! I loved this part a lot! We get some more information about Miroku in high school, see some scenes, and get to know more about the girl.

Ono? Ugh, what a horrible horrible little poop that dude is. Someone is clearly not interested in you. A girl clearly expresses that she wants space, that she doesn’t want to be touched, that she wants to be alone. She clearly has a boyfriend, or well someone she is interested in. Fuck off then. And if the boyfriend/love interest appears? And also clearly says some words? Then fucking respect that. I am sorry, but this part just pissed me off so badly. How Ono just shrugged off anyone’s opinion regarding the sister. Oh, but I will just try. I will win. What the fuck, no. Just leave it. I am glad to see how this one ended, and I loved seeing Yoichi just go from normal to bloodlust. Haha, oh you don’t want to screw with that guy.

OMG, that ending! Finally! I was already wondering when someone would spill the beans because it was getting a bit annoying with the whole who saved Fumi stuff and her not knowing, Miroku not telling. I cannot wait for the next volume and see how that scene continues.

All in all, I am so happy with this volume! I cannot wait to see more live shows~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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