Review for Panda at the Door

Review for Panda at the Door

Panda at the Door, Panda, Family, Bullying, Friendship, Birthday, Red, Humour, Children's Book, Sarah HorneWhat would you do when a Panda knocks on your door? This was a fun book!

I saw this book pop up on Twitter and was 110% excited! I love Sarah Horne’s writing + illustrations so I had to get this. Also, bonus points for pandas!

In this book we meet a family with arguments about bacon (I laughed when our MC didn’t get that and thought it was really about bacon, oh boy) and a panda who just doesn’t want to go to China (and I don’t blame her). They come together in this wonderful fun book. Because Callum just adopted Pudding, or well, his parents did, and of course the boy emails a panda. The story was great fun and I just loved how accepting the family was. Though I do guess it is a good thing that Callum’s friend Neil is around, because otherwise it would have been harder to convince mom that 3 million is nice and all, but this is Pudding! Yep. There is a reward to bring Pudding back! It made the story a dash more exciting, because everyone could use that much money. What will they choose? Panda or money?

I have to say I had to get used to Pudding. She is a sweet girl, sweet panda, but her constant OMG I AM MARY POPPINS and how she acted because of that, just niggled at me. Just be yourself, we see that at times and I loved that Pudding. But I did think it was a wonderful idea of her to help out Callum and his family. OK, maybe she also did it a bit because she didn’t want to go to China. Haha.

I had a big laugh at where the father was located. That is NOT where I expected him to be AT ALL.

The sister, well, just your typical sister in children’s books. Annoying, frustrating, please just go away. She did show some RARE moments of kindness, but mostly I just wanted her away.

The villains, aka the neighbours, aka dad and his son. Those were written pretty well. I do hope that with the ending they have learned a lesson, or at least part of it. Maybe stop being such bullies. Both of them.

The ending was fab and I loved it a lot. That is a great solution to the problem. Plus, I would love to see Dad’s show~!

I love love loved the illustrations! Sarah Horne has such a fun style!

All in all, despite some small things, I had tons of fun reading this one and I just flew right through it! There are tons of fun Pandapuns. I cannot wait what Sarah Horne will write next!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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