Review for Penelope Strudel And the Birthday Treasure Hunt

Review for Penelope Strudel And the Birthday Treasure Hunt

Penelope Strudel And the Birthday Treasure Trail, Brendan Kearney, Children's Books, Birthday, Search/Find, Humour, Animals, House, Puzzles, Codes, Girl, HOuse, Yellow, FunI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

In this book we meet Penelope. It is her birthday and she is visiting her uncle’s BIG manor! He has got a fun quest for her. IF she dares. If she can solve the puzzles… oh and dodge the pooping puffins that wander around these halls! I was definitely excited to get to finding all sorts of things and solve codes/puzzles. I want this for my birthday. A big manor! Treasure! Well, you can keep those puffins though, haha. I don’t want those.

To get to each room we have to solve puzzles! The first one is given by our uncle in a letter/file, the next by a seal, and so on. I really loved that we didn’t just go from room to room, no instead we had to puzzle to find out what room was next! The puzzles are quite easy but all the fun! I also liked reading the letters by the uncle, he seems like a wonderful guy!

And in each room? CHAOS (darn you puffins), but also tons of fun! We have to find puffins, the pets, presents and other birthday items, household items, and much more. There are also things that come back with each page, so be on a lookout for those! Each picture was just a feast to behold as so much is going on that you won’t be bored for one minute. This one was such a delight, because I have had books like this (search/find books) that rehashed the same images throughout for what you had to find. This one DOESN’T and that makes it both more fun and harder. I love it and I was just giggling in delight. It was fun to search for all the items, tick each one off the in the checklist. See what Penelope is doing as well (in the kitchen is having a lovely drink amidst all the chaos or riding a dinosaur).

There are some rooms that may not be part of your standard Manor. Or even out of the ordinary. I definitely want a custard factory in my house! YUM!

Also, I am a big big hamster lover and so I was delighted to see so many hamsters around! Big bonus points!

The ending was just so sweet! Happy Birthday Penelope and I hope you have an amazing party!!!

The art? OMG OMG OMG I loved it! I need more of it as the style is just wonderful and cute!

This book was just WOW, I loved it so much and I need it on my shelves, so as soon as it comes out and I got a chance? I will be buying it! I need to have this book because there are still so many secrets left! Highly recommended to all lovers of search/find books, birthdays, animals, and oh yes, puzzles!

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