Review for Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen, Vol.1

Review for Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen, Vol.1

Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen, Vol. 1, Kotobuki, Humour, Manga, Funny, Boys, School Uniforms, SkirtsWelcome to Hanamaru Academy, a beautiful place, filled to the brim with lovely ladies… who are actually muscled hunks!

I just had to read the book when I saw that cover. I was in the mood for something silly, something weird, something hilarious and this seemed to fit the bill. Well, after reading it… I can confirm this is perfect if you need something silly.

In this book we follow Kiritani, who is the class president of the class. He is your standard class president. For real. Strict, trying to do all the things, tries to get involved. No one listens to him though (or well, most of the time). But he tries to make friends and I liked that he kept going (despite it not always going well). I also liked that as the story continued he got closer to people/talked to more people. He is quite a fun guy and I laughed at how he reacted to things, his reactions are just so pure and innocent, haha.

Each chapter is something new. We see the boys wear sexy bras (yes, really) and talk about bras, we see how it is for them when it is hot outside and their bras show (one of them is even wearing a push-up bra), we see them discuss bathing suits vs bikinis, sunscreen/make-up is important!, see that Kiritani wants to be called cute, and much more. Each chapter made me giggle and laugh. It is as if you are reading your regular shoujo manga with girls doing girly things along with sparkles and glitters (so much of that at times)… but except for cute girls you get hunky and cute guys. I really love it! Thank you mangaka for thinking up something so glorious.

If the boys are wearing skirts and going to an all-girls school… (and the butler of one of the guys wears a maid outfit) I wonder what the girls are doing? Haha, I am kind of hoping that we get to see them and see the boys fawn over them in the way girls do.

I love the chapters have hashtags! That is so fun and creative and it fits so well with this over the top story!

I really like the art and how, despite these being hunks with often a fair bit of muscles, the outfits and the actions work very well.

All in all, I need more! I want more! This is weird, but also cute. I love it! Recommend to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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