Review for Secret Spy Society #1: The Case of the Missing Cheetah

Review for Secret Spy Society #1: The Case of the Missing Cheetah

The Case of the Missing Cheetah, Veronica Mang, Spies, Detectives, Friendship, Girls, Flashlights, Mystery, Children's BooksThree sweet girls, one spy society, and a mystery for a missing cheetah!

I came across this one on Twitter and it just so much fun! I love books about kids being spies or detectives and so this one had to be added to my collection.

It all starts with three girls (each good at their own thing and I had such a big laugh at one being more of a stunt girl, that is just fab) are absolutely bored, there are no cases for them, nothing is happening, it rains outside (correction, storms). I was wondering what would happen, would a case just appear to them? Well, yes. Haha. I loved how these girls just went out of the window, in the middle of a storm, just to trail a mysterious person! These girls are DEDICATED. I know I wouldn’t have gone outside even if something mysterious was happening. What happens next will change their lives and I was absolutely squealing in delight seeing all these spies just gathered in the house and having a grand old time.

And of course, the missing cheetah also comes by, however I did feel that it felt a bit like an afterthought? It felt a bit short, a bit over soon, so I would have liked it to have more focus, to be a bit longer.

I love that this one had two colours, gray/black + very bright yellow. I love it when books pick a colourscheme and stick with it for the entirety of the book. Definitely curious what the next book’s colour will be, yellow again? Or maybe another colour? Oh, and I really really liked the art style.

I like that at the end we get some information on the spies in the society + morse code.

All in all, give me more! I am definitely looking forward to more mysteries with these girls and their mentors/fellow spies. I would recommend this one to all, I am sure kids will absolutely love it!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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