Review for Secrets of Topsea, Book 2: The Extremely High Tide

Review for Secrets of Topsea, Book 2: The Extremely High Tide

Secrets of Topsea, Book 2: The Extremely High Tide, Mystery, Illustrations, Children's Books, Fantasy, Friendship, Yellow, Ferris Wheel, Narwhal, Sea, Kir Fox & M. Shelley CoatsIt is time for a new Topsea adventure and this time we have boats, tides, watch hogs, friendship, spirits, and more!

It’s been two years since I read the first book in the series. Two years of checking Amazon every x times to see if the sequel was finally in stock. But no. I almost bought the ebook at points as I really wanted to read this book. But I waited, and my patience was finally rewarded in April. Finally it was in stock. Finally I could buy it and read it.

Since it has been 2 years it took me a bit to get into this one again. As the blurb specifies just Talise, but each chapter is a different character that rotate, so eventually we get back to Talise again, but she is not the only character. Each chapter is a different day in Topsea, but the stories do connect and we do see recurring themes pop up (like Talise and her boats, or the spirits from Spirit Day, or the tide, or Finn’s new friend). As soon as I got used to the format I just flew through the book. It was just so much fun and I couldn’t stop reading. I had to continue. Would Talise get her ship? Would the tide happen? Why do people love seaweed in this town so much? Will Davey see his spirit or at least know it is there? Is Finn’s friend really raised by wolves?

There is a lot of things happening in this story and I love it, I would so love to spend some time at Topsea, though maybe just visit because the idea of an Extremely High Tide just eating houses and such is not my cup of tea. Think of my books! Oh my! The town sounds amazing, especially since there doesn’t seem like a normal day. Even the flu is extra-ordinary with telekinesis and food fights happening (oh and a time limit).

I was wondering when the Extremely High Tide would appear, given that nothing but warning signs were happening. But the EHT is a thing that happens at the end, so us readers just have to wait. Which wasn’t always easy, but thankfully the stories definitely made up for it.

While I am not so much as Talise, I could understand her and trying to figure out what people meant/how they talked. We see she has troubles with understanding her friends and classmates, and we see that she tries to decipher them. So we see her talk how x is often brave or how a conversation sounds like shy/contemplating. And we also see her slowly get closer and more understanding of the cues of her friends and that made me happy.

Of course, the book is also delightfully illustrated! I love the style!

All in all, PLEASE MAKE MORE BOOKS! I need more Topsea!

Star rating, 5 stars

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