Review for Twisted Fairy Tales: Cinder-Elephant

Review for Twisted Fairy Tales: Cinder-Elephant

Twisted Fairy Tales: Cinder-Elephant, Samantha Newman, James Hearne, Pink, Night, Stars, Fairy, Elephant, Cinderella, Fairy Tales, Humour, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Books, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A new twist on the Cinderella fairy tale? Sign me up! It features elephants? Yes! I was so curious how this would work out!

For the first part of the story it is pretty much the same Cinderella story we all know and love (or at least I love the Cinderella story, haha). A father and his daughter have a great time, dad remarries, dies, and then trouble starts. OK, sure, I haven’t read a story in which Cinderella is uber-clumsy. I mean, this girl is so enthusiastic she breaks a lot of things around her. So that was new. But the real fun didn’t start until the godmother appeared and started creating things… that may not be entirely what you want. I mean a roach instead of a coach, a diver instead of a driver, and more. I had such a laugh at this hard-of-hearing (or she just only hears the rhymes of what Cinderella says, that could also be a thing). You can imagine chaos happens and I was just delighted and laughing so hard.

While I had wished Cinderella had opened her mouth, because things really went wonky, I am also kind of happy she didn’t. Heavens knows what would have happened, I mean she is already an elephant, who knows what the fairy godmother may have done if she heard something else again?

I am proud of Cinderella, that she was determined to just enjoy the ball. Who cares that she is an elephant wearing glass flippers. She is here to party. It is not everyday you get to go to a party, and I definitely could 100% agree with Cindy here. I would have done the same. So I am an elephant. I get to go to the ball, YAS!

The ball was just as fun as the whole godmother part was, I loved the prince and I loved all the silliness that happened. It is certainly a whole different ball than one may expect. But it is one I would love to be part of!

The ending! OMG, that was just something totally unexpected but something that had me laughing and squeeing! That was just the perfect ending, and it reminded me of Shrek in a way. I am so happy the author went with this ending, I was already wondering about the flipper and how that would work!

The art just made everything even more funny, silly, and great! I really love the style!

As you can see, this book was a definite hit for me. Silly, weird, and magical with tons of laughs. Highly recommended! This is by far one of my favourite Cinderella retellings for kids.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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