Review for Two-Week Wait: an IVF Story

Review for Two-Week Wait: an IVF Story

Two-Week Wait: an IVF story, Luke Jackson, Kelly Jackson, Mara Wild, Man, Woman, Doctor's Office, IVF, Pregnancy, Trying to get pregnant, Graphic Novels, RelationshipI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

There was a whole bunch of new graphic novels uploaded to NG and this one stood out to me. Not because of personal reasons (no kids for me), but because I was curious about the IVF part, I know some bits and boops but most things I read are clinical, not personal. So I was curious to see how things would go for this couple. Would IVF be the solution for them?

The book starts with showing us the couple, how they met, and how they are trying for a kid. How things aren’t working. How things aren’t go right. How tension rises as they both want a kid. We see the start of examinations and tests. And then the process begins. Finding out more about what is going on. The start of IVF. The start of everything. My heart just broke for this couple, holy crap all the things they have to get through, all the things they learn, but I was also rooting for them, happy that through this way they may have a chance at getting a baby. Man, I was rooting for them so hard. Hoping. Praying.

We see how the process is going (with was both interesting and heartbreaking), see how the mental health is going down, see that finances are crashing, but thankfully both of them have friends and family who they can talk to (and of course they talk to each other). It wasn’t always easy to speak up but I was glad that they had people who supported them, who listened, and many also had their own stories. They definitely needed that support as the process continued and the disappointments piled up.

Though, I can only imagine the pain seeing your friends go through the same process and have luck. It must be a conflicted feeling as well. You are happy for them, but also angry and sad because you didn’t get lucky.

I definitely was feeling emotional while reading this. 🙁

The art was really good, I like the style and I like the minimal colours that were used (orange/gray/blue/black).

Um? Did the book end on page 143 all of the sudden? From 143 to 160 there are just NO pages left.. What? Why would you end it like this? Definitely not happy and I am rating this book lower because of that.

But despite the sudden and weirdly cut-off ending, I had fun reading this book and I would definitely recommend it to people!

Star rating, 4 stars

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