Review for Where’s the Meerkat?

Review for Where’s the Meerkat?

Where's the Meerkat?, Children's Book, Travel, World, Humour, Search/Find, Paul Moran & Steve Wiltshire & Simon Ecob, Jen WainwrightA family of Meerkats is about to go on a journey all over the world and it is up to us to find them!

I read this book in Dutch but decided to write my review in English! I found this fun book in a minilibrary during a lovely walk on Sunday. I just couldn’t resist this book when I saw it. I mean, Meerkats? YAS! One of my favourite animals! And it is a search/find book? YASSSS! So yeah, this one quickly went into my bag and along to my home.

In this fun book we meet a family of Meerkats. I have no clue what their English names are so I will just do the Dutch names. We have 10 fun and cute Meerkats, 4 girls and 6 boys. Each one has their own hobbies or things that make them stand out. Like Miranda who knows all songs from James Bond movies, or Stijn who can (and I love that) stuff 6 cookies into his mouth, or Hanna who is an artist though her family may not always agree with it. Haha. I was quite curious if we would see these hobbies/traits come back in the book.

I loved that we really went around the world. From Europe to Asia to Australia. We see tons of fun scenarios including some special attractions (like the Eiffel Tower). I also liked the text on the pages and see what the plans are of the meerkats along with maybe 1 or two facts about something they really want to see.

I am a bit disappointed with the whole search/find parts. I mean, in each picture a few (generally 3 it seems) get special outfits (which were fun) and do stand out a lot, but the other 7…. well, you may see a head pop out here and there, maybe a neck to go with it. But that is it. And well, I didn’t even know which meerkat it was with that. It was already not that easy with them wearing outfits, but with just the head? I mean, I am sorry, but why the whole introduction when you just show their heads and nothing more? That could definitely have been done better. Now it was just find three special meerkats and yes 7 generic heads. 😐

But I did like the illustrations and seeing what was going on on those. There is a lot happening, some pictures are VERY busy and full, so there is plenty to see. Yep, the meerkat search was quickly done and then I went to see what was happening on each picture. Like in the Innsbruck, Austria picture we see someone try to cross a busy ski slope and dropping his drinks. Or in China at the Wall, where we see that someone is climbing it (or at least trying it).

So yeah, a bit hit/mix for me. I am happy I read this one. There were some really good things in this book, but it is just a shame about the meerkats, a lot more efforts could have gone in those. Given each an outfit, or maybe making them visible a bit more instead of just heads heads and heads.

Star rating, 3 stars

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