Review for Who Is Shrieking So Early?

Review for Who Is Shrieking So Early?

Who Is Shrieking So Early?, Ellen Delange, Zafouko Yamamoto, Boy, Bird, Dog, Tree, Picture Book, Waking Up, Children's Books, ShriekingI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review~

I am honest that I picked the book for the title. It immediately made me curious about the book. Especially since I had some experience myself with birds waking me up with shrieking or tweeting in the early hours.

This book is about Sam who keeps waking up in the morning because a magpie is outside his window SHRIEKING. Throughout the book we follow Sam in his efforts to get the bird to stop SHRIEKING so loudly in the morning. I had quite a lot of fun seeing what Sam was planning and how his plans slowly changed when he got some advice. From then the story gets even better and I was just rooting for Sam to make the bird understand. Boy, I wish I could have done that with the birds bothering me, but sadly they aren’t smart magpies but instead pigeons… Thankfully, these days no more bother with that, but I remember the days I woke up because of the cooing outside.

I loved seeing Sam’s dog go with him everywhere, and one time I just wanted to tap Sam on his shoulder and make him see that his dog wanted to go walkies. 😛

I do have to wonder where the parents are. I mean, especially in the beginning…. Sam screams, shouts, and makes a racket. That all around 6.30am. I don’t have kids myself, but believe me if I had kids and they would do this every day I would certainly come outside or to their room to have a stern talking with them. Great that you want the bird to stop, but no need to wake up parents and the neighbourhood.

The art was OK at times, not always my favourite.

I enjoyed this book and I loved the solution in the end. Magpies are smart indeed!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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