Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-5-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-5-2021

Hi all!!!

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A happy welcome to a new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates!

Well, this week was fabulous. Yes, I am totally dead from visiting 3 libraries in the span of two days (Thursday/Saturday), my body/mind is clearly not used to going outside and doing so much/seeing so many people. But it was a lot of fun, and my mental health is much better! The other days in the week were OK. I cannot wait for next week when I get my first COVID vaccination!
Reading-wise, it was a fab week. Because I had to take it a bit easier I had plenty of time to read some books! I should really get into my Netgalley TBR as it keeps growing. Currently 12 books on it. Way too much in my eyes. Haha.

What did I read from my TBR? To Heart #1 (fun, but oh so chaotic), My Love Story #2 (cute, adorable, and sweet, loving it again!), Hell Girl #7-#9 (the last arc wasn’t for me, but the rest was OK), Library Wars #15 (is still crying), Chobits #2 (poor Chi, many revelations, and some dates, love it), Biscuit Factory (this was hilarious and I had so much fun), I Know You Did It (this was a rollercoaster, it was great!), Eh… juf (this was great, not a fan of the corona parts, but the rest had me laughing), Mickey (this was so much fun to read, the moles were an interesting addition, love the missions), Panda at the Door (at times a bit too much Mary Poppins, but I loved the characters/story), Van honingbij tot hagelslag (this was so fun to read and the illustrations made it a treasure).

Here is a new stack! Featuring 1 book that got delivered this week, a couple of my library books (these are the MUST reads, but I may also pick up some others, didn’t feel like overflowing my TBR), and some books from the previous TBR. It is gonna be a good week~

And that is it for this week! Thank you all for reading, wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a great Sunday/great week! Enjoy! Stay Safe!

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