Teaser Tuesday ~ I Know You Did It by Sue Wallman

Teaser Tuesday ~ I Know You Did It by Sue Wallman

I Know You Did It, Sue Wallman, Thriller, Locker, Red Letters, Shadows, Thriller, murder, Mystery, Young Adult
This time I flipped through the books and stopped at page 115 (and also took page 116 as the part that I wanted continues on there).
I wake several times in the night before I’m due to meet Mara, slick with seat from nightmares. I lie on my back in the darkness, imaging the way she’ll look at me as I tell her What Happened. But in my nightmares it’s four-year-old Hannah I see, not Mara. I’m perpetually trying to save Hannah from smashing her head on the slide, and I’m always too late. But then, when nobody else is looking she lifts her bloodied head and laughs at me with evil eyes, missing teeth and a section of her face gone.

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