The Europe Traveller Book Tag (2021 Edition)

The Europe Traveller Book Tag (2021 Edition)

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a shiny new tag, welcome to The Europe Traveller Book Tag!

I was bloghopping when I came across this delightful fun tag over that The Bookish Garden (be sure to check her answers). I instantly loved and wanted to do it on my blog as well. Sadly, my blog is a bit, um, overscheduled at the moment so finding a time to put this one in hasn’t been easy, but I finally found a day! Yay!

I love the idea of this tag, especially now in COVID time when we just cannot travel anywhere. This way we can still travel in a way!

Let’s get travelling~


France – Your favourite love story

Rent a Boyfriend, Glorio Chao, Pink, White Letters, Hug, Girl, Boy, Young Adult, Romance, Cute

Spain – A colourful cover

Rainbow Grey, Rainbow, Weather, Fantasy, Children's Books, Clouds, Friendship, Adventure, Laura Ellen Anderson

Italy – A book taking place in Summer

Second Chance Summer, Morgan Matson, Romance, Young Adult, Family, Lake, Siblings

Greece – A book with mythology

Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters, Statue, Phone, Cellphone, Girl, Pedestal, Young Adult, Famous, Fame, Mythology, Young Adult, Emily Roberson

Belgium – A book with politic

I don’t think I have one. Haha, I avoid those books with politics as they were the plague. I have nothing with politics.

Ireland – A book with a strong friendship group

The Netherlands – Flowers on the cover!

Sprite and the Gardener, Girl, Fairy, Spirit, Flowers, Hands, Yellow, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Gardening, Friendship, Joe Whitt, Rii Abrego

Germany – A book taking place at Christmas

His Holiday Crush, Cari Z, Pajamas, Two Men, Kissing, Holiday, Mistletoe, Christmas, LGBT, M/M Romance, Cute,


And that concludes my travel to these countries (well, one of them is my own, haha). I will definitely participate in a Part 2 when that one appears and I got time on my blog to do one! I hope everyone had fun seeing my choices, and I would love to see everyone else’s. What would you pick for these countries/questions?

4 thoughts on “The Europe Traveller Book Tag (2021 Edition)

  1. Hiii!

    Thank you so much for doing this tag, I love your answers! I didn’t know The Sprite Gardener and I am now obsessed with the cover aha

    1. Hi! You’re welcome, and yay! Haha, yeah that cover is stunning (and the story inside is good as well). When I saw the prompt I just had to go for Sprite and Gardener.

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