Top 10 Books May 2021

Top 10 Books May 2021

Hi all!

Top 10 May, Books

Bye bye May! Thank you for all the fun things you brought (along with the first vaccination). Welcome everyone to a brand-new Top 10 post, welcome to my 10 favourite books of May.

Reading-wise it was a very good month! The first half I relied mostly on mini-libraries and buying some new books. But on the 20th the libraries opened again and of course I visited all my libraries! I had to! Haha. I also read/tried to keep track of my Netgalley shelves. I really had fun this month.

General stuff. Well, first start of May was OK-ish, but the real good stuff started around mid-May. I got my vaccination letter. Libraries opened. Weather was good enough to do a lot more walking. Visited the local book store. Did some gardening. And more. This was definitely one of the best months in a long time. It will take a while for me to feel 100% better, or even 80% better, but getting vaccinations (or at least one, the other is late June) and seeing libraries does help!

This month I had four 5+-starred books and seventeen 5-starred books (again not counting re-reads).

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Jip ahoi!, Boat, Girl, Message in a bottle, Adventure, Fears, Conquering fears, Father, Cute, Children's Books, Cale Atkinson
Penelope Strudel And the Birthday Treasure Trail, Brendan Kearney, Children's Books, Birthday, Search/Find, Humour, Animals, House, Puzzles, Codes, Girl, HOuse, Yellow, Fun
Baby op komst, graphic novel, humour, animals, baby, stork, Benjamin Renner,
Last Time I Lied, Riley Sager, Orange, Forest, Lying, Camp, Summer Camp, Thriller, Mystery
The Monster Doctor: Slime Crime, Children's BOok, John Kelly, Yellow, Blue, Doctor, Monsters, Fantasy, Humour
I Know You Did It, Sue Wallman, Thriller, Locker, Red Letters, Shadows, Thriller, murder, Mystery, Young Adult
Hard Pushed, Leah Hazard, Midwifery, Pregnancy, Non-Fiction, Medical
Waar is de dinosaurus? super aan-t-rex-elijk zoekboek, dinosaurs, Helen Brown, Derrian Bradder, Humour, Children's Books, Non-fiction, T-rex
Rozie De eenhoorn die kan toveren, Sally Odgers, Adle K. Thomas, Fantasy, Magic, Friendship, Trolls, Humour, Children's Books, Blue, Bird, Unicorns
The Case of the Cursed Crop, Michael Anthony Steele, Darío Brizuela, Scooby Doo, Gotham City, Farm, Batman, Mystery, Superheroes, Children's Book, Humour

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    1. Yeah, I am also a big fan of the covers in this one, and I didn’t even pick them because of that, haha! Thanks for commenting~

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