Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Pack by Lisi Harrison

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Pack by Lisi Harrison

Hello hello!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Today I am very eagerly waiting for the new Lisi Harrison, The Pack!

So it’s been years since I last read some of Lisi Harrison books (several of The Clique books, Alpha books, maybe some others). I remember that her style of writing was really so I was excited to see a new book by her, the premise sounds absolutely awesome. Girls with animal powers, a clique of girls who are the most popular, and mystery/danger. I am eager to see what the Pack is and also see what kind of animal powers each girl has and how they work (will they change into a specific animal or is it just traits (like running faster than normal or getting claws)).

I also love the tag on the book: Middle School is a jungle. Fitting in more than one way!

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE CLIQUE invites us into a new middle school–this time for girls with animal powers. The newest student Sadie might become the next Queen of the jungle after she is invited to join The Pack!

Don’t be fooled. . . . Charm House isn’t like any other charm school. Charm stands for Center for Human-Animal Reform and Manners. Every girl who boards there has an animal light inside her that is wild and needs to be tamed.

New girl Sadie just wants to stay out of trouble and blend in. When she learns she has the fiercest animal light of all, she is invited to join the group of it girls known as the Pack, led by Lindsey, the school’s queen of the jungle. Soon Sadie is consumed by social drama and her secret feelings for an off-limits private-school boy.

Charm House is supposed to protect them, but danger looms when someone starts to threaten the girls. Is the school in jeopardy–or is someone trying to tear the Pack apart?

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