What I Hope To Read June 2021

What I Hope To Read June 2021

Greetings all!

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Welcome all to a new sunny What I Hope To Read post! This time filled with June releases!

I am excited about June! Second wedding anniversary, better weather, vacation is getting closer (August), and my second vaccination shot is coming (got the first one yesterday). Plus, the library opened up May 20th, so I can visit libraries again if I want to. Yas!

This month I got quite a few books I want to try out/read. No Dutch books this time, I couldn’t find any that I wanted to read this month, but who knows, sometimes surprise books come out. I am very hyped about the newest Genie & Jeanie book, and even more hyped about Box in the Woods! I hope that Amazon is a bit better this month, because I haven’t been able to pre-order any of my May releases because they are continuously out of stock/not even existing. Hopefully Amazon fixes things, otherwise I will be using Blackwells a bit more.

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