Hardcover Surprises ~ Harleen by Stjepan Sejic

Hardcover Surprises ~ Harleen by Stjepan Sejic


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A big big welcome to a shiny new Hardcover Surprises, it’s been a while but I got a very GORGEOUS new Hardcover Surprises for you all!

So my husband and I are big fans of Stepan Sejic, he makes some amazing comics and a few weeks ago my husband ordered one of Stepan’s newest books: Harleen! About, who else, Harley Quinn! Of course, I was already hyped about the book because Harley is one of my favourite characters and I love seeing and reading new adaptations with her character.

But the biggest hype came when the book appeared at our house and we got a good look at the book! It had a jacket cover with Harley on there, wearing a mask. But if you remove the jacket… you see something different. Something quite haunting. I won’t spoil it, haha, you will just have to scroll down to see!

I still need to read the book so I cannot say if it is awesome or not in content, but I am sure it will be. I haven’t been disappointed by a Harley adaptation, and again, Stepan makes amazing things!

Let’s get to the cover and the surprise. I am sure you all are curious!

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