Library Haul 1-6-2021

Library Haul 1-6-2021

Hi all!

A happy welcome to a new Library #1 haul post!

The past days it has been warm and sunny, so I decided to go to Library #1 again! I had read most of the books I had at home + with my new subscription allowing 15 books it doesn’t matter I still had 4 books at home! I am really happy I decided to upgrade my subscription last time I visited Library #1, 8 books is just too little for me, 15 is just perfect.

So off I went! And it was a wonderful trip to Library #1 and I had tons of fun walking around the library. I found several books I am very hyped about, like a new volume in the Paarden series, but also happy to find a new LGBT book. This month is LGBT month and I want to have a couple of books for that month. 🙂

STATS: 11 books. 5 comics/GN, 1 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute

You Go First by Erin Entrada Kelly
Disconnect by Astrid Witte
Dit is hoe het ging by Astrid Boonstoppel
Girl <3 Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe
Club Donald Duck #1 by Walt Disney
Club Donald Duck #2 by Walt Disney
Club Donald Duck #3 by Walt Disney
Zwanendrifters by Dido Drachman
Over dames en tassen by Mylo Freeman
Enola Holmes #1 by Serena Blasco, Nancy Springer
Paarden: Doorgewinterde pony’s by Prickly

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