Library Haul 12-6-2021 (Library #2 + #3)

Library Haul 12-6-2021 (Library #2 + #3)

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a wonderful and awesome Library #2 and #3 haul! Really, I am SO SO happy with the books I found!

Normally we go to Library #2 first, but this time it was easier (as we had to pick things up) to go to Library #3! I didn’t mind either way, I was just so hyped to get to visit both of these libraries again. I had reservations waiting at #2 and couldn’t wait to see what surprises (as their site doesn’t have a new releases page) Library #3 had!

Well, Library #3 had plenty! I went to the children’s/Ya section first and just filled up my bag with 9 books. Then I went to the fourth floor as I wanted to get a first volume in a series, last time I picked up #2 (which I didn’t know and wasn’t a problem thankfully). And then I just checked the other new releases tables on the third floor and picked up the rest of the things there. It was the fastest I have ever been in this library. Normally it would take me around 1 hour to 1.5 hours to find books, but now it was 30 minutes! Even my husband was surprised to see me pop up so soon.

Then off to library #2. Thankfully, not many people were in the library this time and so I didn’t have too much stress bringing back 42 books (yes, really). After that I had fun walking around and checking the library. My 32 reservations had to wait until I was done. Last time I went was when they were just open and it was FILLED to the brim with kids and adults but this time? Calm. Just easy walking. And just like Library #3 I found several books quite easily.
BTW, I am SO glad that they change where the reservation-shelves are. Last year (due to Corona and all that) they were at the front of the library while the computers for borrowing/checking out are at the back. Now they are at the same place as the computers. So I could just claim hold of one and then sort out my reservations easily without stressing too much.
Oh, and funny! The man from the library I talk to at times (well, before Corona) thought he recognised me to which I just put off my mask for a short time and then he recognised me. He even noticed I had cut my hair.
I surprised my husband again, he hadn’t expected me so soon!

So as you can read, tons of fun visiting libraries and tons and tons of luck with finding books easily.

STATS: 40 books at Library #2 [15 non-fiction, 2 picture books, 2 graphic novels, 21 fiction]. 12 books at Library #3 [7 non-fiction, 2 comics, 1 picture book, 2 fiction].

NOTE: Photos 1 – 3 are Library #2 and Photo 4 is Library #3.

NOTE: I will be adding book links tomorrow. I am writing this at 9.18pm on Saturday after a busy day and tomorrow (well, today) is going to be busy again as we are doing some tile work to get things more levelled for the garden furniture. After many years the ground is just all up and down.

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Mijn Vader by Pepijn Lanen
Juf Naomi klapt uit de school by Naomi Smits
Weekenden aan het water by Lydia Michiels van kessenich, Marie Monsieur
Vlam in de pan by Folkert Oldersma
Rotterdam by Nina Swaep
Dichtbij by ?
_**Weekendje **_ by ?
Time to momo – kookboek by ?
De grot van Altamira by Emily
Draken en monsters by Kristien Dieltiens
Arabische sprookjes by Rodaan Al Galidi
Das by Diet Groothuis
Gourmet by Maria Panzer
Black Smoke by Jord Althuizen
No Worries BBQ by Jord Althuizen

Ziel by Nico de Braeckeleer
Vote for Effie by Laura Wood
Ziggy, Stardust & Me by James Brandon
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
Half by Haroon Ali
Meneer Droste by Sjoerd Kuyper
Dagboek van een krijger #1 by Jez
Zwerveling by Peter van den Ende
Het jaar van Pablo by Julie Vangeel
De grote vijf by Bella Makatini, Judi Abbot
Ssst, de draak slaapt! by Bianca Sdhulze

Er was eens een koe by Pim Lammers
Mirabelle haalt kattenkwaad uit by Harriet Muncaster
Spekkie/Sproet en de grote verdwijntruuk by Vivian den Hollander
Mama is Minister-President by Ody Neisingh, Marieke Visser
Kalle & het dino-ei by Hermine Landvreugd, Shamrock
Tienerruil by Hieke van der Werff
De grevreesde goorhoorn by Kris Humphrey, Pete Williams
Felicia heeft altijd geluk by Judith van Helden
Wie doet er mee met de zombie-race? by Simon van der Geest
Rozie: de eenhoorn die kan vliegen by Sarah Odgers
Ninja Kid #4 by Anh Do
Monster Zoo #2 by Tjerk Noordraven
Offline by Marco Kunst
Dievenschool by Dirk Nielandt

Zullen we weer gewoon schooltje spelen? by Jacques Vriens
The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling by Wai Chim
The Girl who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson
Welkom op de show by Pim Kok
Catan Puzzelboek by Richard Galland
Vertel het de koning by diversen
Wie schrijft die blijft by Vitali Konstantinov
Child of St Kilda by Beth Waters
Darwin’s on the Origin of Species by Sabina Radeva
Pirate Stew by Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell
De samensmelting by Lize Korpershoek
Een godverdomse klootzak #1 by Loisel, Pont

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