Library Haul 24-6-2021

Library Haul 24-6-2021

Hi all!~

It was high time to visit Library #1 and yesterday was the perfect day for it. Not too hot outside but also no rain. Plus, I needed some new books. XD

I am always happy to see Library #1, their library is so pretty + so filled with books! I had fun checking out my favourite spots, and when I couldn’t find things easily (see next paragraph) I decided to go for comics and picture books. Normally I avoid the picture book part of the library like the plague because often it is filled to the brim with babies and little kids and parents chattering non-stop. But now it was blissfully empty so I could just browse the English and Dutch picture books. I found quite a few fun books there.

I am a bit sad though, because they used to have these amazing new releases tables over at YA and English children’s books… but those are gone. It used to be so easy to just find the new books and now I have to browse the shelves. While they don’t have a lot of English it is still not always easy to know which book is new. And their YA section in Dutch is 8 bookcases so.. that is a lot of browsing. I hope that this is just temporarily and that the tables come back. crosses fingers

But I am happy that I went, I got so many new books to read and I cannot wait to start reading these pretties.

STATS: 13 new books. 3 comics, 6 picture books, 4 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Wout Weter en de hond zonder naam by Vrouwke Klapwijk, Iris Boter
Odd Gods #3 by David Slavin, J.B. Lane
The Au Pair by Emma Rous
Run Rebel by Menjeet Mann
Otto Blotter Bird Spotter by Graham Carter
Sofia Valez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty, David Roberts
Wat ik mooi vind by Milja Praagman
Hé Yopa! by Paul McCartney, Kathryn Durst
Het wachten waard by Manuel Sumberac
Hoe lief ik je heb by Hans Andreus, Sophie Pluim, Koos Meinderts, Jaap Robben, Bette Westera, Willem Wilmink
Enola Holmes #2 by Serena Blasco, Nancy Springer
Dad #6 by Nob
BFF’s #10 by Christophe Casanove

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