Library Haul 28-6-2021

Library Haul 28-6-2021

Hey all~

Welcome all to a new Library #4 Haul post!

It’s been a while since I last did a Library #4 haul, though I did visit a few times in between this and the previous post. I would love post each haul, but I have decided to just do some here and there. I will be posting on Twitter so be sure to keep an eye out! I guess you wonder why, well, it is so much easier to visit this one as it is in my town (just 5-10-ish minutes from my house) which means I visit more often. I don’t want to go overkill on the library hauls. Secondly, I visit quite late, generally after dinner and just before they close at 8pm. So I am often quite knackered already, add to that the visit and I am just too tired/not in the mood to write a post for the next day.

But not this time! This time I just wanted to share it with my blog readers!

Yesterday was just the perfect day to go, not too gloomy or rainy, plus I felt not too tired after a busy day. So onwards to the library! I really love Library #4. Yes, it is really tiny. Yes, the collection is not that big. BUT, I still love it. Because it is often quiet. There is tons of light due to many windows. It is very cosy! I always love going there and yesterday was no exception. I had tons of fun filling my arms with books. I found quite a few books I have been meaning to read and some that looked really good. Tons of great picture books were soon in my arms. I was pretty hyped to find a new BBQ book by Jord Althuizen. I still have no BBQ but I just love getting inspiration for when I do (hopefully soon now the garden is finished).

I cannot wait to read all these books! Not sure which I will read first though, I am thinking maybe De Reusachtige Boze Bui as it sounds/looks adorable~

STATS: 9 books. 5 picture books, 2 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Kippetjes tussen de sterren by
Mijn zusje heeft het kleinste huisje by Marjet Huiberts, Merel Eyckerman
Ik bepaal! by Lysette van Geel, Aron Dijkstra
Calm Down, Cooper! by Lily Murray
Het beste feestje van de wereld by Stephanie Moss
Waanzinnige machines by Jane Wilsher
Lowlands BBQ by Jord Althuizen
De Vuurzeevlieg by Toon Tellegen, Carll Cneut
De reusachtige boze bui by Tom Jamieson

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