Library Lovin’: The Library Loves Tag

Library Lovin’: The Library Loves Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a shiny new Book Tag! This time all about Libraries~ Welcome to the Library Lovin’: The Library Loves Tag!

I was browsing for some new Book Tags to participate in when I bumped against this one on Fangirl Fury’s blog. I instantly knew I had to participate. Had to answer the questions. I am big big lover of libraries!

The original creator of the tag is Jess of Read by Jess who made this tag in honour of Library Loves Month (there is a month for that, OMG America gets all the best days and weeks it seems!)

Let’s get started!

When did you first go to the library/get a library card?

I know my mom took me to the library since I was a little baby, but I got my very first library card when I was three! I still have that card I believe. So since forever.

How often do you use your library?

Well, now during COVID not as much. But before COVID? I have 4 libraries (one I started using recently). One I visit when I want which can be weekly, every other few days or one a month (Library #4), two I visit weekly/bi-weekly (Library #1 + Library #2), one I visit three weekly (Library #3). I love visiting my libraries!

Have you ever had a late or lost library book?

I don’t think I ever lost a book, but I cannot remember for when I was younger. But yes, late. It has happened. Sometimes because I got sick and couldn’t extend the loan on the book and so I had to give it back late, sometimes because I was on vacation and again couldn’t extend the loan. Mm there seems to be a theme here. 🤣

What’s your favorite thing about your library?

Can I say everything? Haha, I just love all the books, being able to borrow all the books, find new worlds to explore and new characters to love.

Are you a browser or do you plan what you’re taking out?

Both! I love the plan but I also love to just browse and be surprised when I go to a library.

Name a book you took a chance on from the library.

Oh so many. I read from all genres so there is a lot of books that just look good and I take a chance on. In fact, that is around 70% of the books I get from the library.

What is the best book you’ve read from the library?

Um, that is hard. I mean, I have been to the library since I was a baby. I have no memory of what I got when I was a kid or a teen. And it wasn’t until GR appeared for me that I finally could keep track of my books in a good way, but even then I wouldn’t know as I don’t always remember where I got a book from. Haha.

Have you ever take the same book multiple times?

Haha, yes, but always accidental. I have read so much through my life and while these days I have Goodreads to help me remember what I read… sometimes I still come home with a book I read. I don’t think I have ever picked up a book on purpose. I do re-read, but mostly only my own books.

Have you read a good book that takes place in a library?

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Chris Grabenstein, Library, Children's Books, Humour, Contest, Riddles

Yes! Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein! Such a great and fun book!

Have you used your library’s ebook or audio options?

Well, not my library specific, as there is just one big online library for online (and audio) books for all libraries to use. Until Corona happened I hadn’t used it. I am not a big fan of ebooks, I prefer reading  physical books. Plus, the online library is WAY behind on new releases, has barely anything in English (even less than some of my tinier libraries). But with Corona and the libraries closing I had to use it, so yeah. It was OK, I am still not a fan though.

What is the best library you have been to?

Phew, I think either Arnhem or Utrecht’s library. Though I haven’t seen the new library of Utrecht due to Corona, but the old place it used to be in was just WOW.

What would make you use your library more?

Even more than now? Haha. XD But I think if they had more Graphic novels/comics and way more English books. Especially kids/YA.


That concludes this VERY FUN tag! I had so much fun with this one, I just love libraries so this tag is perfect for me! I hope you all enjoyed this tag/my answers. If you like this tag, be sure to do it, I would love to know my readers answers to these questions!

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