New Releases Book Tag

New Releases Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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A happy welcome to a brand new tag! Welcome to the New Releases Book Tag!

I saw this tag appear on several book blogs I am following and wanted to do this one, but my blog is quite full. Then I noticed that on one day I forgot to add a post, so here we are! I had room! dances

The rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer to all the questions down below
3. Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx
4. Nominate more than five bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag

A new release you’ve already read

Rainbow Grey, Rainbow, Weather, Fantasy, Children's Books, Clouds, Friendship, Adventure, Laura Ellen AndersonForget Me Not, Alex Garin, Clouds, Sunset, Beach, Dementia, Grandparents, Travelling, Roadtrip, LGBT, Graphic Novels, Bring TissuesI Know You Did It, Sue Wallman, Thriller, Locker, Red Letters, Shadows, Thriller, murder, Mystery, Young AdultArchie Celebrates Diwali, Mitali Banerjee Ruths, Parwinder Singh, Picture Book, Children's Books, Party, Diwali, Girls, Lights, Fireworks, Food, Holidays

Quite a few actually! Then again, we are already in the mid of 2021 so it is no surprise. I am also very thankful for Netgalley as that gives me a chance to try out books that have yet to be released.


A new release that’s already come out but you haven’t read yet

A Husband for Hartwell, Historical Fiction, Regency, LGBT, Romance, M/M Romance, Guys, Red Clothes, Blue Clothes, Plants, J.A. Rock, Lisa Henryproject hail mary, Andy Weir, Sci-fi, Mystery, Amnesia, Threats, Space, Mystery, Astronaut, FireThe Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat, Claire Belton, Pink, Rainbow, Cats, Claire Belton, Pusheen, Cute, Comics, HumourThe Last Kids on Earth: Thrilling Tales from the Tree House, Max Brallier, Douglas Holgate, Jay Cooper, Last Kids on Earth, Anoosha Sayed, Lorena Álvarex, Christopher Mitten, Xavier Bonet, Zombies, Monsters, Fantays, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse, Friendship, Childrens BooksWicked Things, John Allison, Woman, Purple Coat, Award, Graphic Novel, Mystery, Humour, Detective

Phew, A LOT actually, several of these are because Amazon is having serious issues with having the books in stock/delivering them (hopefully that gets fixed/sorted). The others I just haven’t had the time to check them out.


A new release you’re excited about from one of your favourite authors

The Pack, Lisi Harrison, Black, Claw marks, animals, superpowers, Pink, Children's Books

These three! It’s been a while since I last read a Lisi Harrison book, so I am excited to see a new book by her and about superpowers/girls with animal powers. And 10 Truths and Dares and Box in the Woods are sequels and I cannot wait to read those and see how my characters are doing.


A new release you’re excited about from a new-to-you author

The Girls Are Never Gone, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Hand, Horror, Paranormal, LGBT, Ghosts

These three are all new-to-me-authors. Two horror (one YA one Children’s books) and both sound awesome, I am always looking for new horror books to read. And the last one, K-pop, and I just LOVE reading about that so HYPE.


A new release you have no interest in

Do people remember those? I mean, if a book is of no interest of me then I just shrug and go on. I don’t really remember what I reject. Haha.


A new release you want to pick up soon

Con Quest!, Sam Maggs, Convention, Cosplay, Costumes, Graphic Novel, Sam MaggsNot-So-Happy Camper, Jeanie & Genie, Trish Granted, Manuela López , Green, girls, campfire, camping, tents, friendship, children's books, wishes, magicThey'll Never Catch Us, Jessica Goodman, Sports, Young Adult, Shoe, Blood, Murder, Thriller, mystery, Pink ShoeGlitter Maakt Alles Beter, Sander den Baas, Green, Drag, Non-Fiction, Auto-biography, LGBTProm House, Chelsea Mueller, Murder, Secrets, Thriller, Horror, Murder, Party, Prom, House, Palm Trees, Rips

This was a tough one as I got so many books I want to pick up/get/buy and then read. But these are definitely in my top 5 of books I NEED TO READ/BUY.


A new release with an amazing cover

The Girl from the Sea, Molly Ostertag, Sea, Girls, Young Adult, Graphic NovelComing Back, Jessi Zabarsky, Fantasy, LGBT, Graphic Novels, Girls, Adventures, Magic,


Your favourite new release you’ve read so far this year

Dowry of Blood, Vampires, Dracula, Letters, LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Brown, Skeletons, Veil, Woman, Dancing, Retelling, Brown, Red, Flowers, Blood
Definitely have to go for this AMAZING AWESOME WOW book! Vampires, polyamory, bi, travelling through Europe, blood, and tons of awesomeness. The characters were just *chef kiss*.


So this was such a fun tag! I am happy that I had a spot open on my blog to do this one! I am just going to tag you all as I have no clue who hasn’t done it yet. XD Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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