Review for A Unicorn Named Rin

Review for A Unicorn Named Rin

A Unicorn Named Rin, Picture Book, Asian, Culture, Picture Book, Fantasy, Childrensbooks, Girl, Dancing, Clouds, Crystal Z. LeeI received this book from Turn The Page Tours/Publisher in exchange of an honest review.

NOTE: This review was first posted on May 26th during the Bookstagram tour for this book! My blog is a bit over scheduled at the moment so this was the first day I had time to also post the review on my blog.

I was totally hyped when I saw the tour announcement, the book looked right up my alley and that cover was just beautiful! I knew I had to sign up! I am so thankful that I can be part of the tour.

In this book we meet Rin who is a beautiful unicorn. Not like the unicorns that most of us know! But something even better! He gets a mission from a princess named Pingyang; he needs to find Fan, a Royal Phoenix. Apparently, she is missing, and it is time for her to be found! I had tons of fun seeing Rin try to find his friend and along the way find other friends who help him in his search). I loved seeing what each one could do, and I loved how each one looked (Baihu was my favourite!). I have read some Chinese mythology, but I guess I really should up my game and read even more of it. I need more of these mystical creatures and the mythology that surrounds them.

How they eventually found their friend was just so sweet and beautiful and I really loved it. That was a great solution and it fitted perfectly with the festival they were currently at. I wish I could have been there to enjoy the show!

The art is just amazing, and I love how the mythical creatures looked! Very pretty, gorgeous colours.

I loved that we got a glossary at the end + an author’s note! Those gave some extra information on the story and mythology and it was a great read!

All in all, recommended. A gorgeous book with a fabulous story!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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