Review for ABC for Me: ABC Everyday Heroes Like Me

Review for ABC for Me: ABC Everyday Heroes Like Me

ABC for Me: ABC Everyday Heroes Like Me: A celebration of heroes from A to Z!, Sugar Snap Studio, Picture Book, Children's Books, ABC,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Three years ago I read Studio Sugar Snap’s ABC For Me: ABC What Can She Be?  and loved it! So I was excited when I saw a new ABC For Me book pop up on Netgalley. Of course I had to request!

In this book we have an ABC of heroes! Everyday heroes, so no Batman, no Hulk, no Miss Marvel, but firemen, policemen, and more fantastic people. While I did like the letters and see what the studio picked for each one of them (some unexpected), I was a bit surprised to see artists, photographers, sport athletes, and such pop up, I guess it is a very American thing to call those heroes? Or get kids to see those as heroes? I mean, sure, they bring happiness and joy? But heroes? I am not sure about that. I think I am just too much of a Dutch person and too sober about these things. Haha, I think one needs to be American to get this whole thing.

Some unexpected letters and their jobs were I: Innovator and  Q which was Equal Rights Activist! I did like those, found it quite creative. But Unsung Hero? Whut?

Bonus points are definitely going to the book for featuring real people for each job. I barely recognised any of them (I guess it also didn’t help that I didn’t know this book was based on real people), but a few I did recognise. Like Bob Ross or Jane Goodall or Serena Williams.

The art was really fun though and I just love the style of the illustrations. Cute and fun!

All in all, I am happy to have read this, but it was just so very American for me. Maybe someone from America does agree with all of these, does enjoy this book a bit more than I did.

Star rating, 3 stars

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