Review for Animal Rescue Friends

Review for Animal Rescue Friends

Animal Rescue Friends, Gina Loveless, Meika Hashimoto, Genevieve Kote, Boys, Girls, Pets, Animals, Graphic Novel, Children's Books, Rescue CentreI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love animals, I love reading about rescue centres (the good ones), and I absolutely love Graphic Novels. So this one had to be read. Immediately.

In this book we have 5 stories, 4 different kids get a story. Maddie, the girl in the first story, also does the last one which I found terrific given the topic of that last story. I really liked reading the POVs and see everything centred around pets and the rescue centre.

I liked Maddie from the start. She just moved and we see that it was hard for her, BUT she is making the best of it. Making friends, helping out as volunteer (both to help and of course to see Boyd). She is a sweet and nice girl. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to do the dirty work and help out with everything. The last story and what happens there, my heart broke for Maddie. I mean after a month, I can imagine you get attached, especially when no owner appears. And then to have that happen. But I was proud of her how she handled it and how things were resolved in the end (that is such a good solution).

Bell’s first impression wasn’t a good one for me. Immediately getting angry while NOT knowing the circumstances of how Boyd got lost. Maybe someone DID take responsibility but things just happened. And also throughout that first chapter (which isn’t even her POV) she just frustrated me. Knowing it all, judging people, being mean to Maddie who just wants to help out. In her POV things got better… but it took me a few more pages before I warmed up to her. I loved what she did for the ferrets, and I loved how she opened up to people more.

Then there is Mikey, a boy who is shy and afraid to speak up. I loved seeing him open up more and also discover strength and courage to speak up when things go wrong. I was so proud of him. I found myself rooting for him near the end of his story. I was also happy to see him bond with Hopper who he feels connected with. They really make a sweet pair!

Lastly we have Noah. I have to say I wasn’t sure what to think of Noah at first. His best friend is a total bully, and he often just goes along with things. Thankfully I could also quickly see that he was a sweet boy with a kind heart. He just had to find a better friend. Haha. I loved seeing him become kinder and sweeter and help out. He learns to find his voice which also made me happy. The ending to this story however? I found it out of the blue, and would rather have seen Jimmy actually say sorry or make amends for the crap he pulled.

Also, I do hope that the rescue centre buys that hamster a new wheel. That is a bad and wrong wheel. Their paws could get stuck in there and break or even their heads. Please, buy good wheels.

The art really made me smile, it is such a fun and cute style and I love the colours that were used throughout the stories. I definitely want more of this artist!

All in all, if you love animals, stories with cuteness and people helping animals, love seeing kids find their voices and strength, and oh yes, LOVE good art, be sure to check out this book.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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