Review for Astrid Lindgren

Review for Astrid Lindgren

Little People Big Dreams, Yellow, Astrid Lindgren, Writers, Pippi Longstocking, Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara,Linzie Hunter, Children's Books, Non-fiction, Picture BOokA new (well, for me) Little People Big Dreams and this time about one of my favourite authors! Meet Astrid Lindgren!

I came across this book in the library a week ago and just had to bring it along. It was the Dutch edition, but decided (since these books do come out in English often and I know some readers look forward to my reviews for these books) to write the review in Dutch.

In this book we find out all we want about Astrid Lindgren and while there were some things I knew, some things were new! I didn’t know that she had an affair + baby with a married man, that quite shocked me I have to say. But there were also good things, like that she was directly involved with the TV show of Pippi. Or that she kept making up new stories for her baby girl in which Pippi played the main character. How she bundled those stories and how that started her fame. It was just so much fun to read and I had tons of fun. I just flew through the book and was sad that it was over!

I really liked the extra information in the end that summarises the book + gives some bonus content + some photographs of Astrid.

Oh, and I just have to mention that I loved how reading sessions with her neighbour brought her into the world of books! Seeing that picture of her in a room full of books, love it!

The art was OK. It was a times really pretty, but I was a bit put-off by the fact everyone’s arms were see-through. If their whole body was that, but no. Just arms. Oh and also ears at some times. It was just a bit weird.

But all in all, I had tons of fun reading this one and I would highly recommend it to all who want to know more about Astrid and her life. About Pippi.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Astrid Lindgren

  1. The cover is adorable. I didn’t even realize the arms were see through until you mentioned it and I can see why you were put off by it. I feel similarly just by looking at the cover!

    1. It is! I also love the colour it just so vibrant. Haha, yeah, in the cover you don’t notice it until you know it. It is just such a weird choice to make those transparent, I wonder why that choice was made.

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