Review for Derek The Sheep: Danger Is My Middle Name

Review for Derek The Sheep: Danger Is My Middle Name

Gary Northfield, Sheep, Wasp, Farm, Humour, Comics, Gary Northfield, Derek The Sheep: Danger is My Middle Name!, BullDerek’s third  book and it is full to the brim with hilarious situations, a big portion of karma, and bees.

This is sadly the last one of the comics, I do hope that more is going to be made because I definitely want more. The stories featuring Derek are hilarious and they make my day brighter!

In this book a lot of things happen. Parties involving dancing and lettuce or cake, underwear, retelling of the Beanstalk story which had me totally laughing, a day as a beesheep (or beebull in case of Rodney), and plenty of more. The stories are just the right amount (1-4 pages), any longer and it just wouldn’t work for me. Each comic has a funny (or punlicious) title to go with it and I definitely love those. The stories are loopy, weird, and what just happened? But they definitely will make you laugh, at least they made me laugh!

I also love that despite them being sheep they can talk with humans (at least it seems to be the case), they can buy things and even have a special site for sheep to buy things on, they can trade and bargain and sell goats. I really liked that addition and also loved seeing sheep dressed up, talking with phones (which led to a quiet field). It just makes the story a tad bit different.

I am not sure how I feel about the farmer. Quite often I do agree with him, Derek destroying his house, or the farmanimals making a right mess of it, but I do wish he was just a tad less violent? I mean, I am all for having them rebuild or clean, but he does get a gun at times or sends out the dogs, and that is just a bit too much.

Oh, and I was happy to see a new family member of Derek’s family and I loved that he watched Diagnosis Murder.

All in all, please bring out more Derek books! I need more! I would recommend this one to all who like sheep x humour.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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