Review for Derek The Sheep: First Sheep in Space

Review for Derek The Sheep: First Sheep in Space

Derek the sheep: First Sheep in Space,  Gary Northfield, Sheep, Wasp, Farm, Humour, Comics, Gary NorthfieldMy second Derek the Sheep, and oh dear Derek what have you done now?

This was yet another volume that had me laughing! Derek really pulls out a lot of ideas, not all of them so good as you may think. But I can imagine you may want to make life a bit more interesting, the fields only provide some grass, not that exciting. I loved seeing Derek and his herd, but I was even happier to see Derek’s family, or well, two of them. Hope we see some more of his family in the next volumes.
Poor Derek though, at times I did feel sorry as he (or other sheep) get beat up quite a few times or anger bees and get stung.

I loved that things didn’t just happen on the farm. We also get to see Switzerland (or at least the Alps) and Australia. Of course with the same antics!

After reading the previous book (the one with Bee in the name) I wanted more animals and I definitely got more of them in this one. Not only do we get the sheep, we see more of the cows/bulls (even get a comic from one of the bulls POV) and other animals which had me totally delighted. I mean it is a big farm, I want to see all that happens. Plus, we get to see some other characters as well (including an ogre).

I am a bit sad that the sheep on the cover flying in space only was 1 panel (and it isn’t even Derek being launched in orbit). I had hoped for more spacey adventures.

I also like the titles accompanying each comic. The fitted so well and made me very curious about the comic (or already had me laughing).

All in all, one more to go and I will be reading it soon! I would recommend this one to all looking for something silly.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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    1. I am not sure if it is all for toddlers, lots of text, and some scenarios are just more for older kids/teens/adults. But you can give it a try, maybe she likes it! You’re welcome!

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