Review for Derek the Sheep: Let’s Bee Friends

Review for Derek the Sheep: Let’s Bee Friends

Derek The Sheep: Let's Bee Friends, Gary Northfield, Sheep, Wasp, Farm, Humour, Comics, Gary NorthfieldDerek the Sheep is here, be prepared for silly antics, tractor stealing, and more!

I am a big fan of Gary Northfield, I just LOVE his Julius Zebra books which always make me roll around laughing while also adding some fun history bits. So when I spotted this book in Dutch at my book store I was totally hyped. When I got home I ordered the English version (along with 2 other parts in the series) online. As sadly, my book store didn’t have it in English (no surprise there given how hard it is to find English books).

In this book we follow a sheep called Derek who does the strangest and weirdest things. Sometimes unintentional, sometimes totally intentional. We see how he and the herd try to get through the day and long for the grass on the other side (which is a totally bad idea with angry cows and a fire-breathing troll on the bridge), we see them battle through storms, have snow days (sliding from a hill with a barn door, what could possibly go wrong?), and more. Derek makes friends and finds out that some friends are better kept far away. I laughed quite a bit, oh Derek!

I love that we also see other animals on the farm. From evil and angry cows to pigs and chickens. I would definitely like to see more of them.

I have to say that while with most I laughed a lot, some stories definitely could be better if they were a tad shorter. Sometimes it takes a while before we get to the funny bits and other times I wondered when a funny bit happened. Thankfully, funny bits do always happen, but they could be sooner!

The art style fits very well with the jokes/puns/Derek.

All in all, I am so happy I found out about the Derek comics, I didn’t know they existed and now I got something new to read from a great author. I would definitely recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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